Nokia on Windows tablets: 'We are keeping our options open'

No Nokia tablet at Mobile World Congress, but the company is keeping its options open in terms of 'all the possibilities' says an exec.
Written by Ben Woods, Contributor

Nokia may not have delivered a tablet at this year's Mobile World Congress but it is keeping its options open, Jo Harlow, executive vice president of smart devices at Nokia, told ZDNet.

While Harlow re-affirmed that Nokia's smartphone strategy is tied to Microsoft for the foreseeable future, she wouldn't be drawn on the detail of Nokia's tablet plans.

"What's the best possible experience you can give to consumers in terms of things you do on your smartphone? [Things] being available to you on your tablet and vice versa, that multi-screen experience would be the best thing we could do, but we are keeping our options open in terms of all the possibilities," Harlow told ZDNet on Monday.

She said: "Smartphones and tablets is a continuum of experiences. We're obviously watching what's happening with Windows 8, with RT, with Pro very closely. We've said before that it is our intention to have a tablet."

Nokia is one of the most notable big name handset manufacturers not to offer its own tablet thus far, but with a slew of phone-cum-tablet hybrids already arriving and more established brands on their second or third-generation of full-sized tablets, once officially announced the company will want to get it to market as soon as possible.

On Monday, Nokia announced a range of four low-end smartphones.

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