Nokia World 2011: Live keynote coverage

Join ZDNet and CNET in a live analysis of Stephen Elop's keynote address at Nokia World 2011 in London.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

As Nokia World draws in spectators from around the world, the keynote speech will be the crucial start to what could be a rocky time for the Finnish phone giant.

  • Live coverage begins -- Wednesday 26th October, 9 am BST (4 am ET / 1 am PT).

Join both myself and ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, along with CNET colleagues Stephen Shankland and Maggie Reardon, live in London to bring you live analysis and up-to-the-minute reporting of Nokia's chief executive's keynote speech.

There are some interesting things expected out of this year's Nokia congregation in London. Two things that stand out -- with more along the way, as you will see from the live coverage -- will be not only how Microsoft and Nokia forge their way through the investors' surprise, but how the two can work together in Europe and further afield.

Microsoft and Nokia: Considering Microsoft's relationship with Nokia has grown over the course of the last year, we will definitely see new Windows Phone powered devices launched at the event. Not only will the conference boast a number of senior Microsoft executives to speak, the phones will be the core feature of the announcements. Mary Jo Foley has more on what to expect from the Windows Phone front.

There's more to Europe than London: Seeing as Nokia is taking to London -- only a shot away from Finland as the crow flies -- to show off the latest and greatest from the company, it may not come as a surprise for phone giant to show off what is great in Europe. Reuters reports that Nokia's push this and next year could help Microsoft with Windows Phone in Europe. One of its highly anticipated phones this year, the Nokia N9, avoided the UK and the U.S. altogether, giving Nokia an opportunity to make up for avoiding a global shift with new EU and U.S. handsets. But how the two will work together to both benefit from Europe's vast offering, hopefully answers will be sought during the two-day event.


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