Nomura and Exodus offer 'PowerLink Service'

Nomura Research Institute and Exodus Communications, K.K.
Written by Joe Rebeiro, Contributor
Nomura Research Institute and Exodus Communications, K.K. offer 'PowerLink Service' to support customers' mission-critical Internet operations
TOKYO, Japan, 28 June, 2000 - Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. and Exodus Communications, K.K., has announced the PowerLink Service, a new service that offers customers a combination of the existing services of the NRI Yokohama Data Center and Web hosting services at Exodus' Tokyo Internet Data Center (IDC).

PowerLink Service was developed as part of the alliance between NRI and Exodus. The PowerLink Service offering will enable customers to securely link legacy systems located at the NRI Yokohama Data Center to the Internet directly through the Exodus Tokyo IDC.

The service also offers integrated management of the front-end system. With this service, customers will be able to host their Internet applications, such as business-to-business applications or online trading systems, at Exodus and link directly to existing legacy systems at NRI.

As the first user of PowerLink Service, Maruhachi Securities recently developed and launched an Internet trading service that is hosted at the Exodus Tokyo IDC. By utilizing the PowerLink Service, Maruhachi Securities was able to integrate its online stock account system with its Internet stock trading system.

The integrated environment allows Maruhachi to forward online trading orders directly to the Tokyo Stock Exchange or other stock exchanges. It also allows users to check the status of their transactions at any time.

In addition to deploying its trading system at the Tokyo IDC, Maruhachi Securities has also selected Exodus to host all of its mission-critical Internet operations. Maruhachi Securities will start the service with the new Internet trading system in late August.

Many companies need to connect their new Internet-based business applications with existing legacy systems. By installing a high-speed dedicated line between the Exodus Tokyo IDC and the NRI Yokohama Data Center the PowerLink Service enables customers to operate their Internet sites at the Exodus Tokyo IDC, while running their legacy systems at the NRI Yokohama Data Center.

As part of the PowerLink Service, NRI and NRI Data Service, a subsidiary of NRI, have installed a new monitoring center in the NRI Yokohama Data Center to monitor the legacy systems and the servers located at the Exodus Tokyo IDC on a 24-hour basis.

Exodus will monitor and manage client servers, routers, network devices, URLs, network bandwidth, and firewalls. The monitoring center in the NRI Yokohama Data Center will offer additional monitoring on a 24-hour basis.

NRI and Exodus will offer the PowerLink Service to enterprise customers who have been outsourcing their legacy systems to the NRI Yokohama Data Center, and will also offer it to customers who host their mission-critical Internet business at Exodus.

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