Notebook sales plunge in Brazil

Changes continue to take place in the personal computing market as consumers prefer tablets
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer

Tablets are now the most popular personal computing device in Brazil, having surpassed notebook sales for the first time, according to research.

Tablet sales had already surpassed desktops earlier this year in Brazil and now have also beaten notebooks for the first time. IDC data compiled by the Brazilian Electrical and Electronics Industry Association (Abinee) on consumer equipment sold in August shows that tablets represent 38 percent of all the 1.665 million PC units sold.

This compares with notebook sales, which represent a 36 percent slice of the market for that month, followed by desktops with 26 percent.

The numbers show an increase of 134 percent in the tablet market (627,000 units sold), while desktop repesentation in sales dropped 16 percent (441,000) sold and notebook sales fell 28 percent (597,000).

Brazilian consumers, particularly those of lower incomes who are looking to buy their first kit, prefer tablets - especially cheaper, locally produced devices.

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