Novelist hired for 'Doom 4'

Video games have grown to the next level as id software has hired a novelist to contribute to the story line for the next version of Doom.
Written by Polybren, Gamespot, Contributor
The original Doom didn't have much in the way of story. Players took control of a space marine on one of the moons of Mars, where scientists have accidentally opened up a portal to Hell. The bulk of the game consisted of running around shooting all the demons that came through that portal.

That was more than 15 years ago, and it seems series developer id Software is looking to grow the series at least a little beyond those simple roots. In an update to his personal Web site, British author Graham Joyce announced that he is now working on id's upcoming Doom 4.

Joyce is a decorated scribe, having four times won the British Fantasy Society's Award for Best Novel. Other famed authors to have claimed the annual award include Stephen King (who also won the honor four times) and Neil Gaiman. Joyce also won a World Fantasy Award for Best Novel in 2003, when his book The Facts of Life shared the designation with Patricia A. McKillip's Ombria in Shadow.

Joyce did not reveal any of his plans for the game in his blog post, saying only that he has "been hired to contribute to the storyline" of the game. A representative for id Software had not returned GameSpot's request for comment as of press time.

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