Novell Cloud Manager - manages private and public cloud workloads

Novell Cloud Manager 1.1 offers broad support for infrastructure as a service workloads
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

After reading my ZDnet colleague David Chernicoff's post, Should you manage your Datacenter on your iPhone?, I thought it would be wise for me to chat with the good folks from Novell about the release of an update to its Cloud Manager. Novell is clearly offering some of the most flexible workload management software that has the ability to manage and migrate workloads to optimize an organization's use of local IT resources along with a combination of public cloud or private cloud environments.

I spoke with Mike Robinson, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Novell's Datacenter offerings, about this new release.  As with other conversations with members of Novell's virtualization and cloud teams, I was struck by the pragmatic, real world viewpoint Mike presented.  It is clear that the company has spoken with real customers and is attempting to address their issues in an evolutionary way.

Version 1.1 of Novell's Cloud Manager is designed to help organizations manage their workloads and based upon the organization's needs for performance, reliability, availability and cost control. IT administrators using this product would be able to easily set up perimeters that guide where workloads or components of workloads execute. A workload could reside completely in the organization's own datacenter, be part of a private cloud installation or be projected into a public cloud environment based upon the organization's requirements.

I won't present the long list of features offered by the product here. I was impressed, however, with the power being offered in a single package. If your organization is considering how to add cloud computing to its IT environment without facing considerable pain, Novell's Cloud Manager V1.1 might be a lovely addition to your tool kit

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