Novell: Not all servers should be virtualised

Novell cloud chief, Moiz Kohari, says virtualisation is not the right choice in cases where businesses need to ensure as little latency as possible
Written by Victoria Ho, Contributor

Not all servers can, or should, be virtualised, according to Novell cloud-computing chief technology officer, Moiz Kohari. He urges cloud service providers to focus on making their heterogenous setups work as one.

In an interview with ZDNet UK's sister site, ZDNet Asia, Kohari said virtualisation has yet to overcome I/O (input/output) latency issues at the hypervisor level, as compared to provisioned servers. As a result, virtualisation is not the best choice in cases where service providers and businesses need to ensure as little latency as possible — for example, in a stock exchange environment, he explained.

And with adoption hovering at 20 percent, according to Gartner, though some put it at a lower five percent, server virtualisation deployment remains a far cry from the mainstream adoption that vendors had expected would happen today.

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