Novell wants to grow international revenues

Novell president Joe Marengi said yesterday he wants the firm's international business to account for at least 60 per cent of revenues by the year 2000.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

Marengi also said that he is looking at potential acquisitions to grow the networking giant. The remarks came in an interview with the Reuters news agency.

PCDN Comment: Novell already boasts healthy overseas revenues but hitting the 60 per cent mark would make it a star international performer in an industry where 40 per cent of non-US income is considered good going. With regard to potential M&A activity, Novell surely won't - probably can't - make the sort of error of hubris that led to the WordPerfect buyout calamity. Instead, it will look to small companies that can boost its core strengths in managing directories and building secure corporate networks and intranets.

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