NRF 2020: Retailers ponder cloud choices, Zebra launches SmartSight, Micro-markets in focus

A Nutanix survey highlights the moving parts as retailers ponder hybrid cloud choices. Zebra launches SmartSight, and Shekel Brainweigh is using Hitchi sensors for a micro-market called Capsule.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Retailers are increasingly opting for hybrid cloud deployments and often moving workloads from public clouds to their own data centers to repatriate data, according to research by Nutanix.

Vanson Bourne conducted a survey for Nutanix that covered 2,650 global IT decisionmakers in various engines. Nutanix's report highlights the retail industry portion of the survey.

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The findings offer a notable backdrop to the National Retail Federations annual conference in New York City. NRF 2020 this year features cloud providers pitching retailers as well as a bevy of technology providers offering tools to boost efficiency in an industry buffeted by competition from Amazon.


Zebra's SmartSight.


The high-level findings in the Nutanix research include:

  • 72% of retailers said they had moved or planned to move some public cloud applications back to on-premises infrastructure. Retailers from 2018 to 2019 increased their data center usage by 14%.
  • Retailers' ideal IT operating model revolved around hybrid cloud deployments. Retailers said they plan to increase hybrid cloud usage by 43% and multicloud usage by 10% in the nextfive5 years.
  • Agility was cited as the top reason for their deployment decisions followed by cost and end-user experiences.

Other items at NRF 2020 include:

Zebra Technologies launched SmartSight, an integrated hardware and software system that uses computer vision, machine learning, and workflow automation to identify out-of-stock conditions, pricing issues, and planogram miscues at retailers. SmartSight patrols a store to scan shelves and generate tasks for associates. Zebra's SmartSight announcement comes a few days after the company said it would deploy 10,000 Android-based handheld computers at Office Depot for use in stores and distribution centers.

Shekel Brainweigh Ltd. unveiled Capsule, an 'autonomous micro-market' that uses Hitachi's LiDAR sensors to enable consumers to buy multiple items in one transaction. Shekel Brainweigh makes weighing technology. A micro-market is an autonomous vending machine for high-traffic areas such as airports, campuses, and workplaces. The Capsule includes shopper tracking via LiDAR, the capsule, integration with point-of-sale systems, analytics, and automated processes. Shekel Brainweigh said the first Capsule store will be fully operational in the first quarter.


The Capsule from  Shekel Brainweigh.

Shekel Brainweigh

Trade 'Em, a startup launched a gift card marketplace that enables businesses to design and implement digital gift cards, promotions and loyalty programs. 

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