Ntl bans Napster use

Cable operator ntl has extended the restrictions on its service, but appears to have kept the details quiet
Written by Jane Wakefield, Contributor

Cable operator ntl has banned the use of Napster on its broadband service, ZDNet News has learned.

As part of its terms and conditions customers have never been allowed to use its cable modem service for running a business. Recently users claim this limitation has been extended to cover any business activity. This has angered users and led to speculation in newsgroups that ntl is banning such activity ahead of announcing a separate, more business-orientated service in the spring.

However, it has now emerged that the revised ban extends to file-sharing services like Napster. The ban emerged when ZDNet reader and ntl customer Steve Littley asked ntl if the revised acceptable use policy extended to Napster. He received the following response: "The running of servers via your dial-up or broadband connection is not permitted. As Napster is a server, the use of Napster is not permitted."

Littley was not impressed. "I consider this to be a very severe restriction on the use of my Internet connection," he said.

More details to follow.

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