Ntl u-turns on Napster ban

Terms and conditions revised to allow for heavy uploads
Written by Jane Wakefield, Contributor

Following a host of complaints from angry users ntl has u-turned on its decision to ban Napster.

Users of its cable modem broadband service have been complaining that the firm has adjusted its acceptable usage policy to include bans on downloading music and other file-sharing activities. ZDNet readers have questioned how fair this is and suggested it shows a lack of commitment to broadband.

The ban was intended to prevent users from running a business over their home broadband connection. Now it seems ntl has taken heed of its users and u-turned on the policy. "We listened to our customers and we appreciate that people are going to want to do MP3 downloads and gaming," says an ntl spokesman.

ZDNet reader and ntl customer Steve Liddley is happy that ntl has compromised. "Ntl appear to have done a complete u-turn and now apparently allow users to run servers as long as the server does not cause any degradation in network performance," he told ZDNet.

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