NTT launches a global private 5G network-as-a-service platform

NTT said it aims to serve enterprises looking for a single private 5G solution to deploy across multiple countries.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

NTT on Wednesday announced it's launching a private 5G network-as-a-service platform -- the first of its kind to be globally available. The LTE/5G platform will offer a full stack of services beyond the network. 

Private 5G networks offer organizations a way to dedicate bandwidth for applications that require high-speed, high-capacity, low-latency connectivity. That could be anything from VR employee training to remote-controlled machinery. Organizations can leverage capabilities like network slicing to get even more out of private 5G networks. 

The NTT network will run on a cloud-native architecture and can be delivered via the cloud, on-premises or at the edge. It will offer NTT's patent-pending MicroSlicing technology so that organizations can run mission-critical apps on the network. Customers can also tap into a suite of application development and management capabilities.

"Global enterprises are looking for a single private 5G solution to deploy across multiple countries," Shahid Ahmed, NTT's EVP for New Ventures and Innovation, said in a statement. "They need one truly private network, one point of accountability, one management platform, and one solution partner that eliminates all the major friction points across the entire global footprint of the enterprise. Our NTT P5G offering supports many of the CXO requirements today, and we will continue to invest in P5G as enterprise adoption evolves."

NTT said the network should serve a range of industries, including automotive, manufacturing, healthcare and retail.

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