Nugget: Ericsson WAP phone will take you back to the future

Despite looking like a 1970s idea of what we might be using in the year 2000, its features are still pretty cutting edge
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

Even if you're less than impressed by the multimedia capabilities of Europe's mobile Internet solution, WAP, Ericsson's R320 phone should still be sleek and feature-packed enough to tickle your fancy.

The R320 -- one of the first WAP offerings from Swedish mobile phone manufacturer Ericsson -- raises the stakes in terms of size and function, although it could have been a trifle more futuristically designed.

It is pretty nifty, measuring just 15mm and weighing under 100g, but the R320 is almost too thin, giving the impression that it could imminently be lost down the back of a sofa. Its angular design could also perhaps have done with jazzing up.

The phone has a decent enough screen for visiting WAP and is pretty easy to use, but some may well prefer to connect to the Internet with a laptop using the Ericsson's in-built modem and infrared port, both of which work well.

The speech-dialling option on the R320 -- which is found in most recent Ericssons -- should also prove a favourite among those who enjoy giving their friends bizarre and abusive nicknames.

Get your hands on a Ericsson R320 WAP phone now for £129.99. Take a look at the Ericsson Web site.

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