Nuggets: 3D Blaster Savage4 - nice and cheap

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Creative goes after bargain market

Creative's new 3D Blaster Savage4 is designed for gamers looking for high quality graphics at a bargain price -- erm, isn't that everyone?

This latest addition to the Blaster family is based on S3's Savage4 PRO graphics controller and uses S3's S3TC texture compression for sizzling performance -- or so the bumph says. The new chip supports PCI, AGP2X and AGP4X bus architectures, true 32-bit 3D rendering, a full 128-bit 3D graphics engine and dual texture 3D rendering pipeline. Wowzers!

The board comes with an impressive 32MB of SDRAM, a 300MHz RAMDAC and hardware-assisted DVD. One of the funkier features of the board is its ability to do realistic bump mapping, environment mapping and dual texturing.

Creative says boards will be available in May for £99.00 and if we get enough emails from you Nuggets fans, we'll persuade Creative to give a few away!

Mail us if you think we should get Creative to give away a few boards...

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