Nuggets: 3D specs for games

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

I can see clearly now the 3D has come

Elsa is taking the 3D gaming experience one step further with the release of its 3D Revelator glasses.

This chunky looking piece of eyewear supplies each eye with an image from a slightly different perspective in rapid succession. These alternating images are merged by that most powerful of processors, your brain, to create what Elsa says is a truly spatial image -- turning games into powerful 3D experiences.

Settings can be changed directly in the game to optimise performance, including adjustable depth settings and tools to change the position of the scenery in relation to the monitor screen. Signals are sent from an infrared unit, allowing up to 8 pairs of glasses to be used simultaneously for multi-player games.

In the shops by the end of the month for £54.99.

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