Nuggets: A trio of UK notebooks

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UK company Umax has launched its ActionBook range of notebooks. The first three in the range all weigh under 3kg and come with an internal 56K modem.

The ActionBook 340T is powered by a 400MHz AMD Mobile K6-2 processor with 3D Now! and MMX technology. It has 32MB RAM, a 12.1-inch display and a 4.8GB hard disk. Available for £849 +VAT.

Second up is the ActionBook 640T is built around an Intel 400MHz Celeron mobile processor, with 64MB SDRAM and a 4.8GB hard drive. The 14.1-inch TFT display supports XGA graphics, with 4MB of video RAM. In the shops for £1,249 + VAT.

Lastly, there's the ActionBook 840T. Running on a 400MHz Intel Pentium II processor, it's got 64MB SDRAM, a 6.4GB hard disk and a 14.1-inch monitor. This will set you back £1,499 +VAT.

All the range comes with Windows 98, a 24 speed CD-ROM drive and two Type II PCMCIA slots. The ActionBook 340T comes in a silver and blue casing, with the other two in two-tone silver and grey casing.

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