Nuggets: Buddy box ends arguments over PC

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Eurotech does its bit to promote domestic harmony...

Eurotech has come up with a brilliant idea. Buddy B-200 -- just couldn't resist tacking that bit on the end could it -- is a device that allows users to share the same PC. It's made up of a single ISA card with a cable going into the Buddy box, into which you plug a second keyboard, monitor and mouse. Windows' multi-tasking capabilities then allow both users to access all of a PC's applications. Even cooler is that Buddy lets both of you surf the Web, browsing different sites, using only one modem and telephone line. Don't worry if you and your flatmate don't really get on, an optional 50-foot cable means you can sit in the next room and still be wired in.

End arguments over whose turn on the PC it is for £139.95. A small price to pay for domestic harmony.

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