Nuggets: Casio's beaming wrist technology

It may not be James Bond's dream watch but if you liked the eighties it may be could be right up your digital alley....
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

If you are unable to tolerate being separated from digital data for even a second then Casio's PC Unite watch may very well be your dream high-tech timepiece.

The watch, which is from Casio's futuristic-sounding Wrist Technology range, allows its owner to send and receive data through infrared from their wrist.

Having important dates on your wrist means that you're much less likely to miss a vital appointment, but PC Unite's functionality means it's a little on the bulky side and although it will appeal to geeks and gadget freaks, to the untrained eye it can look uncannily like a digital calculator watch circa-1982.

The truly technologically obsessed may even be more interested in other delights from the Wrist Technology range. These include a watch capable of playing MP3s, another that can control a TV and VCR, and even a useful-sounding global positioning watch.

With PC Unite you can exchange contacts, dates, and PIM (Personal Information Management) data wirelessly with infrared to suitably enabled Windows CE devices and Palm handhelds. An included infrared port means that you can even communicate with your Windows desktop.

For all this, the PC Unite costs a meager $99 (£65) and you can take a look at it online at www.casio.com.

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