Nuggets: Creative's Diamond bashing MP3 player!

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Let the revolution begin...

Creative has finally announced its eagerly awaited, Diamond bashing, portable MP3 player. Unveiled at the New York Music and Internet Expo. this week, the $200 (£122) Nomad is a sexy little number with a slick silver plastic case and an oval graphic display showing the title of each song.

There's 64MB of storage - about an hour of playback -- and the player also stores voice recordings that can be uploaded, unlike MP3 files for which you'll have to wait for someone to write a RioGeo-type programme. Most of the major players are waiting for the SDMI standards to be finalised before entering this market, so hats off to Creative for jumping straight in and saying: ‘Hey, the market doesn't wait for legal standards'.

The Nomad is the first in a line of portable music and video devices from Creative. You'll be able to get your hands on one from as early as next month - hooray!

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