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Tosh gets snappy...

Toshiba has always had funky pieces of kit. Remember the FST TVs and those "Ello Tosh" ads? Well now the company that tried to populate the planet with laptops is doing digital cameras. Its latest is the PDR-M1.

For better shots -- that take up loads more hard drive space -- the PDR-M1 (that's a crap name by the way Tosh), has a top resolution of 1280x1024 pixels, switchable to 640x480 for use on the Web. You get a 4-mode flash, 2x digital zoom and a 1.8 inch colour LCD screen. The camera comes with a measly 4MB removable SmartMedia that's only capable of storing 4 high-res. images, with additional capacity available on 8MB and 16MB memory cards (but they'll cost you).

The bundled software is ImageExpert -- for image downloading and drag-and-drop capability. The PDR-M1 may not have the flashiest features in town, but at just under £400 it's a good choice for a first digital camera.

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