Nuggets: DVD can sound great too...

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Blimey, your DVD system sounds rather fab...

Right. You've got your new DVD player and you've been suitably awed by the quality of the picture. However, to really get the full effect you feel you need Dolby Digital sound. Having shelled out a few hundred pounds already, you don't really fancy investing in the decoder, amplifier, speaker and subwoofer this set up requires: VideoLogic's DigiTheatre speaker system may be the answer.

The DigiTheatre provides full AC3/Dolby Decoding and output from a single system, including 6 speakers (2 rear, 1 front, 1 centre, 1 subwoofer) and a separate AC3/Dolby Digital decoder box. The system provides support for Dolby ProLogic, MPEG-2 stereo and stereo surround, and can be used with any DVD device.

The DigiTheatre is available in May for £199 ex VAT.

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