Nuggets: DVD on the beach

Beach geeks'll love this little number
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Answer this question... Are you one of those "I gotta have it types?" Yes.. (how sad!) Well Sharp has joined the likes of Panasonic in creating an ideal machine for you if you're into DVD.

The DV-L70S is the world's smallest and lightest portable DVD player, at 188 x 25.4 x 141mm and weighing 620g. Housed in a silver casing, it's rather sexy and offers a seven-inch LCD display giving 500 lines of resolution.

A useful addition for any portable player is Sharp's Digital Gamma Correction feature, the aim of which is to improve detail in darker areas of the picture -- a big plus if you're watching movies on the beach. The Digital Super Picture feature also gives extra picture brightness, by adjusting brightness and contrast and clarifying outlines of objects.

The player has built-in Virtual Dolby Surround Sound (turn it on, check it out, it's really rather good) to give you a sort-of surround sound experience. If you want to use it as your main home DVD player as well, there are Dolby Digital, MPEG2 and DTS sound outputs to connect up to a home system.

The three and a half hours playing time you get from the Lithium-Ion battery should get you through most DVDs on the market, oh and there's a remote control, AC adapter, S-Video lead and earphones.

In the shops now....

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