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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Flying just got better

Watching DVD movies on your laptop is a fantastic way to pass the time on long journeys but only a few laptops come with built-in DVD-ROM drives.

Portable Add-ons, that saviour of the road warrior, has brought out the DVD Mobile to solve just that problem. It plugs into, and is powered by the PC card port and is compatible with any notebook so long as it's a Pentium 266 processor or higher. It plays all standard CDs but employs a built-inMPEG 2 decoder to play DVD. Equipped with a 128Kb buffer memory it reads DVD-Roms at 2x and CD-ROMs at 16x, with data transfer speeds of around 1350 KB/Sec. So now you can close that horrendous spreadsheet you're working on, ignore the airline film you've seen 10 times before and sit back and relax with the glories of DVD.

Available now for £249 +VAT.

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