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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Mini DVD player adds cool to Panasonic

Panasonic is launching its second generation portable DVD player -- the DVD-L50 Palm Cinema. At 140x51.5x37.7mm and weighing 680g without battery, Panasonic claims this is the world's smallest portable player with built-in screen.

It's got an LCD screen with a 5-inch display giving 280,000 pixel resolution and comes with built-in stereo speakers. Keeping things neat and tidy the battery re-charger is built in to the body of the Palm. The lithium ion battery gives you 3 hours playing time -- enough for most films. The supplied multi-voltage adapter, compatible with voltages from 110V to 240V, makes it ideal for all you jetsetters.

Panasonic says the Palm has most of the features of a standard DVD player including digital output for dts and Dolby Digital decoding. There's Advanced VSS for surround sound and a Dialogue Enhancer for improved clarity of speech.

Very cool little number available in June for £999.95.

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