Nuggets: Hum brings MP3 to the handheld

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

There's a toon on my Palm dude...

Wanna play MP3 files on the move without investing in a portable player? Well now you can. If you've got a palm-size or handheld PC running Windows CE, that is.

Hum v1.0 from Utopiasoft adds full MP3 functionality to handhelds. It lets you play MP3 files direct from any Flash card. AdaptivePlay technology detects the CPU activity of your device and automatically switches to standard quality recording if the CPU is slow or busy. With a faster CPU, or when its load decreases, Hum flicks over to CD quality decoding. Seems pretty smart to me.

Another neat trick is the Auto-Detection feature, which automatically starts playing MP3 files as soon as a Flash card is inserted. Hum needs 1MB of memory, so depending on the amount of memory you have you can run several other applications at the same time. A free trial version is available for download now and Utopiasoft say the full version will be available for online purchase soon. No price as yet.

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