Nuggets: LG's CD recorder set for autumn release

With CeBIT nearly upon us, there are loads of gadgets lining up for a NuggetsFEST. First off is LG, with its CD recorder offering
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

CeBIT, the annual German tech-fest, is only a few days away, so expect to see us go Nuggets crazy over the next few weeks as companies pour out new funky goodies.

The most exciting gadgets and gizmos are being kept well under wraps until the show itself, but with such a multitude of products on the way, many companies are already announcing their new product lines.

One of LG Electronics' CeBIT offerings is a new range of CD drives, although so far there are no UK release dates or pricing details.

The CED-8080B, $239.95 (about £150), is an internal CD-RW drive that offers 8x CD-Recording, 4x CD-ReWriting and 32x reading speeds. A 12x8x40 version of the drive will be out in autumn.

The DRD-8080B is its 8x DVD drive, which can read normal CD-ROMs at up to 40x. At $119.95 (£75), it comes with a software pack that includes all the MPEG decoding software you'll need to watch DVD movies on your PC.

The last, and humblest, of LG's optical offerings is the CRD-8482B CD-ROM drive for $59.95 (£37), with can read CDs at up to 48x.

Not bad for a company that made its name selling monitors!

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