Nuggets: MP3 player for £109.95!

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Written by Richard Barry, Contributor

It's portable it plays MP3 and it's over here!

Couldn't afford the Rio? Can't wait for the Nomad?

Fret not, the jazPiper is here and while this latest MP3 walkman-type-thingy doesn't really have anything special to offer this new market, it certainly is reasonably priced. At £109.95 you get 64Mb on board -- an extra 32Mb Flash memory is available for £39.95 -- an LCD display that shows you exactly who's singing what and... a built in PDA for names and numbers!

Since the jazPiper was released by M2 (that's squared), the office has been under siege from callers demanding a unit. We have yet to see one, but we thought we'd put you in touch anyway.

Give the sales desk a call on 0800 9179695 and tell 'em Nuggets sent ya.

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