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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

It ain't cheap and it doesn't make tea..

Although the price of DVD players is plummeting there'll always be room for top of the range machines.

DVD aficionados may well want to take a look at Panasonic's latest offering -- the DVD-A360. Digital Cinema mode improves viewing -- according to Panasonic -- by providing a more cinema-like image on non-projection monitors. Apparently, this nifty system improves the clarity of details in dimly lit scenes and suppresses colour smearing.

Another new feature, Digital Picture Mode, lets you choose from a range of picture modes -- so widescreen, regular etc. For sound you're talking built-in 5.1 channel dts and Dolby Digital audio decoders providing six channels of output for surround sound reproduction. Plenty of other less fancy features are included, such as Chapter Review, Quick Start and Hi-Speed Smooth Motion Scan. Get your hands on one of these babies and I guarantee you'll suddenly have a lot more friends popping 'round for the evening.

Available in July for a whopping £579.95.

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