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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

No calls before 8:30am please...

Videophones have never really caught on. Frankly see no reason why they ever will -- when you're calling in sick to work you don't really want your boss to be able to see that you're really sitting in the pub, do you?

Orange's videophone -- announced this week -- will be able to do a lot more than let you see who you're talking to. It's basically going to be a combined phone and PDA, giving you email access and Web browsing with data speed of up to 64 kb/s. The handset runs on Widows CE 3.0, with a touch sensitive 10 cm screen featuring a Palm look alike interface, MS Organiser/Office applications and handwriting recognition. The phone will be dual band and able to automatically switch between GSM 900/1800 frequencies. Orange says that the units should be on the shelves sometime early next year for an undisclosed, but probably pretty hefty, price.

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