Nuggets: Robot lawnmower wants to be your friend

OK, so it ain't strictly a gadget, but Will Knight reckons this litle fella is just what you need if you're after a degree in loafing
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

If robotics and lawn maintenance are the main interests in your life then why not combine the two with the Robomow RL500, the ultimate mechanised garden companion!

Friendly Robotics, the American company (well there's a surprise) that created the Robomow says its creation is not just about making garden chores a breeze. This funky lookin' lawn muncher is just about "the most sociable lawn mower in the world".

Friendly Robotics says that the Robomow is in fact so friendly that 80 percent of those who buy one give it a name. Now there's a reason to nip down the shops for one, or if you've no life, maybe get two...

Unlike other robotic companions, however, Robomow has been programmed not to be overly dependent and requires no more attention than the odd recharge.

The average Briton spends nearly full three days cutting their lawn every year (that's according to research done in America, apparently!) making this robot not only a lawn mower with a mind of its own but also an excellent labour-saving solution.

The Robomow measures 89cm x 66cm x 31cm, weighs 32kg, costs £499 and according to its creators this mean machine can cut a 250 square metre lawn in just half an hour. Check it out at www.friendlyrobotics.com.


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