Nuggets: Shareware gives MP3 new life

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

"I've got 55 albums on this CD... cool eh?"

You're listening to your MP3 tracks on your PC at home, walk out to the car with them on your Rio player, switch over to the Empeg MP3 car stereo and drive to a friend's house. Disaster strikes -- your mate doesn't have a PC to play the tunes. Worried? Not likely, you've already transferred all the files onto a standard CD using the AudioCD MP3 programme.

This $30 shareware programme from PTS-Software lets you transfer MP3 files to a recordable CD without having to first decompress them into .WAV format. You just drag files onto the programme's interface, put a blank CD in your CD-R and click `Write CD' and as if by magic you've got a new CD for your collection. Yaaay for shareware!

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