Nuggets: Stoopid name, cool product

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Tech giant releases CED8041B...(silly ain't it?)

That Eastern giant of electronics LG has taken a break from designing its new portable MP3 player -- more news on that soon -- and released its first CD-ReWritable drive.

The CED8041B (erm, sorry, can someone please tell us why these electronics firms insist on giving consumer devices such bleedin' ridiculous names... Should we do a Nuggets award for worst product name -- Yes, I think we will. Mail your votes) writes up to 650MB of data onto a CD-RW or CD-R disk. Data transfer speeds are up to 3.6MB per second for CD-ROM or CD-R disks and 1.2MB per second for CD-RW disks.

A buffer memory of 2MB means faster performance, or so LG would have us believe. The drive is plug-and-play compatible, although what isn't these days, for easy installation. Adaptec Direct CD and Easy CD Creator software are bundled in.

Available now for £249.

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