Nuggets: Tiny package is very impressive

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Are you sure?

Tiny, determined to make up for its intensely irritating TV advert (remember the one with that slimey lookin' bloke grabbing hold of his joystick and saying in a way that just makes you want to vomit: "Intense man!"), has released a pretty cool-sounding PC package.

The Internet Musicmaker 450 System is a PIII based multimedia PC with a DVD-ROM, CD-RW drive and USB scanner, along with one of Diamond's Rio portable MP3 players. Well, they've certainly managed to squeeze in all the buzzwords du jour. This little social climber comes with 96MB SDRAM, a 13GB hard drive, a 16MB Riva TNT SDRAM graphics card, an Epson 300 colour printer, modem, joystick and a big bundle of software.

The whole package will set you back just £1,299 plus VAT and is available now from any one of the Tiny stores that are slowly taking over our high streets.

Any more annoying computer adverts you want to tell us about?

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