Nuggets: UK's first CompactFlash modem... allegedly

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Tiny thing talks to the world...

PPCP has released what it claims is the UK's first CompactFlash modem. The CompactModem slips into the CompactFlash slot, becoming more ubiquitous by the day, on Windows CE PDAs and handhelds to give you an instant, well as instant as it gets, 56Kbps data connection.

It's a tiny little device at 43mm x 36mm x 3.3mm and weighing 15g. A nice touch is the accompanying PC card converter that means you can use the modem with anything that accommodates a PC card slot

Take 2 modems on trips away? No I just grab CompactModem and go.

Manufactured by Pretec, this versatile travelling companion is available now for £115.

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