Nuggets: WebCam a gogo gets memory boost

So Big Brother uses WebCams to spy on miscreants chasing chickens... they do have other uses you know
Written by Graeme Wearden, Contributor
Ever wondered how much fun you could have with a webcam if you could use it on the move? Well, all you budding Hugh Grants (not forgetting Heffners) should make a beeline for the WebCam Go Plus. Those canny chaps at Creative Labs have slapped in a juicy 8Mb of memory -- that's double the amount found in its predecessor the humble WebCam Go -- to boost the portability factor, making the WebCam Go Plus good for over 150 still images at 640x480 pixels. You can also record a few seconds of mini-video action in 16.7m colours while you're on the loose, not bad for a sub-£100 piece of kit. Oh, and just in case that's not enough to get your blood pumping, the darn thing supports voice annotations too, so you'll always remember someone's name the next morning. When plugged into your USB port, this little beauty will capture live video at either 15 (640x480) or 30 (352x288) frames per second, focusing up to two feet away. Finally, if you work with a crowd of Artful Dodgers, you might want to enable Webcam monitor, which makes the Go Plus watch your PC with an eagle eye and take a snapshot every time it detects movement. Oh and before you run off and buy one, it did take over half an hour to setup -- not great for a USB compliant device!
  • Portable webcam which takes still images, records video and supports audio annotations
  • Metallic grey-coloured, curvaceous body (140x70x30mm) and retractable head
  • 8Mb memory
  • USB-compatible
  • Bundled with WebCam Control, Monitor and Photo Editor software, plus Microsoft NetMeeting
  • £99 + Vat
Creative Labs UK Ltd
Tel: 01189 344322
Fax: 01189 320300

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