Nuggets: World's first recordable MP3 player

A new dawn in MP3 moozic as the record button goes live
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

When you're buying a personal MiniDisc player you want a recordable model. Decide to go for MP3 though and it's playback only time. No longer however.

Japanese consumer electronics giant Aiwa has launched the world's first portable MP3 recorder with sexy name 'MM-FX500'...

The machine uses a built-in encoder to compress audio signals from analogue terminals in traditional audio equipment, such as tape recorders, record players and radios. Audio signals are directly compressed into MP3 and stored on a memory card.

Really rather useful indeed.

The player uses those strange little MultiMedia memory cards. There are two slots for adding cards, and it comes with a 32MB card. It's got all the usual MP3 player features, such as graphic equaliser function, and it has a built-in voice recorder.

However if you want to be the proud owner of this nifty little machine, you're going to have to get on a plane. At the moment it's for the Japanese market only, going on sale there on June 1 for £225.

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