Nvidia launches anti-Intel Web site

Intel's legal troubles are the highlight of a new web portal hosted by Nvidia
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

Nvidia today launched a new page within its Web site, one that's pretty much in place to highlight anti-Intel information.

The which they call "The Case for Innovation" Portal does have one section titled "GPU vs. CPU" that appears to focus on the technology. But the other sections of the site are clearly aimed at Intel. They sections, with their descriptions, are:

  • Why the Stakes are High: Learn why the U.S., Japan, Korea, European Union and New York State have all taken legal action against Intel.
  • Stack of Evidence: The filings against Intel are more colorful than you thought. Read them here. Or, listen to them via podcast.
  • Don't Just Take it From Us: Major media and industry analysts have been following the Intel cases closely. See what they have to say.

In a blog post announcing the new portal, Ned Finkle, VP of Strategic Marketing, explains:

... the site is a one-stop resource for those looking to get up to speed on actions being brought against Intel for impeding competition, stifling innovation and for not living up to its agreements which were filed by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, the New York Attorney General, as well as NVIDIA itself. The site also provides background about cases brought by the European Commission, Japan and Korea.

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