Nvidia, Nuance team up to bring AI, machine learning to radiologists

The partnership highlights how multiple vendors in the medical foodchain see machine learning and artificial intelligence as a way to revamp medical imaging.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Nuance and Nvidia have formed a partnership that aims to bring more machine learning to radiology to enhance and speed up existing workflows.

Radiology as an industry is seen as ripe for machine learning and artificial intelligence. Whether it's an MRI or analyzing reports machine learning is seen as a technology that can improve care and get results to patients faster. Nvidia also outlined a partnership with GE Healthcare to bolster AI's role in medical imaging.

For instance, Dr. Yvonne Lui, Chief of Neuroradiology and Director of AI, NYU Langone Medical Center, said at a recent IBM event in New York City that machine learning could dramatically speed up the time it takes to perform an MRI and deliver results.

Under the Nuance-Nvidia partnership, the companies will combine Nvidia's deep learning platform with Nuance's PowerScribe radiology and PowerShare image exchange network. Nuance's platform is used by 70 percent of the radiologists in the U.S.

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The Nuance AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging aims to enable deployments of imaging AI models into existing workflows. Nuance plans to use its installed base to bring together researchers, developers, health IT companies as well as hospitals. The marketplace will auto-populate reports and integrate multiple applications.

Nvidia's deep learning tools will be behind training and publishing applications for the Nuance AI Marketplace. Training would include items such as comparing normal and abnormal chest X-rays to identify pneumonia.

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