Nvidia's GeForce4: First tests

The GeForce4 gives gamers and 3D graphics professionals a huge boost over Nvidia's previous graphics processors, according to ZDNet benchmarks. A ZDNet UK News Focus
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor
GeForce4 more than twice the speed of GeForce3
Wed 6 Feb: Benchmarks show that some components of the new GeForce4 graphics chips run up to 115 percent faster than their predecessors, but not all systems will reap the benefits Nvidia splits PC market with new chips
Wed 6 Feb: Nvidia's GeForce4 takes the company into the midlevel PC market for the first time, and a mobile chip will also be launched on Wednesday Nvidia seeks to stem GeForce leaks
Wed 30 Jan: The hotly anticipated GeForce4 graphics processor will appear on shelves in a week's time, but enthusiasts already know most of the details GeForce 4 ships in new Power Macs
Mon 28 Jan: The top of the range Power Mac has two 1GHz PowerPC G4 processors alongside Nvidia's upcoming GeForce 4 graphics chip - and Apple has cut the price too Prolink GeForce4 graphics card details leak out
Fri 18 Jan: Specifications of another manufacturer's next-generation graphics cards appear online, along with images GeForce4 specs leak online
Thurs 17 Jan: Details show that the next-generation graphics cards will heat up the gaming arena with souped-up processing and memory speeds New GeForce arrives next month
Fri 4 Jan: The next-generation chip from the market-leading graphics processor maker will arrive as early as the beginning of February, giving gamers a significant speed boost PREVIOUS COVERAGE:
NVidia sharpens image with GeForce3 Titaniums
Mon 1 Oct: Graphics chip manufacturer raises the stakes with the Titanium range - introducing a new high-end GeForce3 and two budget models NVidia launches Linux drivers
Thurs 6 Sept: Graphics processors including TNT, Quadro and the GeForce2 Go get updated Linux drivers
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