NXP to demo system for autonomous vehicle advancement

NXP's BlueBox integrated system is designed to enable automakers to bring Level-4 autonomous vehicles to market faster.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Here's a look at where NXP's Bluebox sits in a vehicle and the nodes it touches.

NXP Semiconductor, a key player in the Internet of things food chain, will demonstrate an integrated system designed to allow automobile manufacturers to create, build and sell autonomous vehicles.

The company's updated BlueBox engine includes NXP processors and software at each Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) node in a vehicle. BlueBox includes a central computing engine along with radar, lidar and vision sensing along with a secure safety system.

NXP said BlueBox is powered by chips already in production.

Most of the large automakers already use the BlueBox engine. NXP's latest efforts revolve around Level-4 self-driving cars. A Level-4 self-driving vehicle is designed to perform all driving functions and be autonomous in some driving modes. Level 5 is fully autonomous under all driving modes. TechRepublic has a primer on the various levels.

NXP's installed base--30 million ADAS processors shipped to date--give it a good start to use its systems to allow autonomous vehicles to proliferate.

BlueBox takes in sensor data to complete a 360 degree model of what's happening around a car. Machine learning, artificial intelligence and various software tools enable driving decisions. BlueBox is based on Linux programmable in linear C.

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