Obama trounces Clinton in online campaign money grab

Obama trounces Clinton in online money grab
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor

Digital Markets Blog presidential campaign 2008 special series on what I am calling “User Generated Politics”

Barack Obama is spoiling Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign fundraising celebration, big time.

Hillary Clinton snags $4.2 million online in first quarter 2007, I reported Monday. Obama for America, however, now announces its campaign raised $6.9 million on the Web, from a total of 50,000 online contributors.

What’s more, Obama is nipping at Clinton’s total fundraising heels: Clinton bagged $26 million in new receipts, while Obama brought in a very close second, $25 million.

In perhaps the greatest “User Generated Politics” victory over Clinton, Obama succeeded in convincing 100,000 donors to support “Obama for America,” double the 50,000 donors backing “Hillary for President.”


Just days ago, Obama was coy: "I think that we should meet people's expectations. More importantly, I think we will have raised enough money to make sure we can compete for the next quarter and beyond.”

Obama is not being coy anymore, and neither are his supporters. Here are some of the reasons 100,000 people put their own money behind Barack Obama.

Brad H., Maintenance Worker, Charlestown, South Carolina

It’s a long story and a short answer. In 1968, I was in Fort Louis, Washington going through basic training and someone told me Bobby Kennedy was shot. That pretty much popped my balloon until now. But Obama, well I think Obama is the real deal.

Kathy M., School Librarian, Baldwin City, Kansas

I have never donated to a campaign before this. He’s just different. He seems honest, not like most politicians, who you don’t trust. He just seems like a fresh voice.

Gene E., Retired Teacher, Dakota Dunes, South Dakota

I’m 70 years old and I’ve seen a lot of Democrats coming through. He’s our best hope since John Kennedy. He’s bright, he’s concerned, he’s helped the poor in the South Side of Chicago.

I stayed in the military for the health insurance. I’ve got good health insurance through the military but there’s no reason why everybody shouldn’t have health insurance like me. Every citizen should be getting something that can help them stay healthy.
I’m also a believer that nobody should come out of college with debt. I had the GI Bill, I went to school and I had a family and worked a night job, and I made it. Now, even if you wanna work you still come out with debt. So yeah, I think he’s our best hope. His life wasn’t a simple life, but he understands all of these families and what they’re going through all over America.

Monique B., Colorado Springs, Colorado

I just feel like represents my views on the Iraq war. My husband has been sent to Iraq twice and is probably scheduled to go again and I’m not really too happy about that. Obama was against the war to begin with and he can help get us out and that’s so important to me.

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