Office 365 for Education screenshot proves email consistency

For those soon to be heading to Office 365 for Education, the new email replacement for Live@edu, don't expect too much to change for your web-based Outlook email client.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

A bit slow on this one, granted. Simon Bisson at ZDNet UK managed to snap this screenshot of Office 365 with the email open. As I predicted, it has barely changed, ensuring existing users will have a consistent end-user experience.

Below, edited slightly to fit on screen, the email inbox of Office 365 for Education is nearly identical to that of existing Live@edu inboxes. It will still use Outlook Web Apps technology to run the email interface, running off Exchange 2010 behind the scenes, but just with a slightly different feel.

New: Office 365 for Education


Old (for comparison): Live@edu


What do you think of the new user interface?

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