Office share: Rent a private office by the hour

A new app provides easy access to your own office in big U.S. cities.
Written by Tyler Falk, Contributor

Co-working spaces are popping in big cities around the world. Those spaces work great for workers with non-traditional jobs -- freelancers, startup entrepreneurs, etc. -- looking to connect with other people doing similar work in their community. But what about workers who need quiet, private office space on-demand for a short time?

A new app looks to tackle that problem.

Breather is launching an app that allows its members to access office space in big cities throughout the United States. The company will soon offer private rooms -- each equipped with a desk, couch, outlets, and "fast Wi-Fi" -- that users can reserve for 30 minutes, a couple of hours, or all day at $20 per hour. As Fast Company says, it's like Zipcar for office space. Call it office share. Here's Breather's promo video:

The most intriguing aspect of the service is that the doors can be automatically unlocked from the app. As the company expands, it will be like you have an office or a business meeting space anywhere you go. And unlike other sharing services, like Airbnb, you don't have to interact at all with the real owners of the space; it's more like you own it.  Simplicity is almost always a best practice and that's the case here.

According to Fast Company, the service is only launching in New York City and San Francisco, for now.

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