OK so we have iPod Hi-Fi: so what about iPod *Wi*-Fi?

So I see that Apple is launching an iPod HiFi with great sound.OK, cool, but whoop tee-do.
Written by Russell Shaw, Contributor

So I see that Apple is launching an iPod HiFi with great sound.

OK, cool, but whoop tee-do.

I see this more as a showcase for what those new Intel chips can do rather than as a huge generator for additional iPod sales. I mean people who want iPod have long settled on the device's good-enough audio, and as to the audiophiles, they either have iPod already or are still going to look down their nose at this thing in favor of large mobile in-car or large in-home speakers.

Now iPod Wi-Fi- that would have pushed the ball forward.

Automatically connect to iTunes, order and download more music over the air.

Maybe even get on the Web and IM, chat or email "hey I just downloaded this- you ought to as well."

Of course we are talking about the desirability of a WiFi iPod with some Web capability.

And maybe even an Apple IM client, which is long overdue BTW.

Who knows, maybe Apple is working on this at this very moment.

Cupertino, can you hear me now?

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