One month with the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: 5 ways to use the edge and 10 reasons to love the phone

After using the Note Edge for more than a month, Matthew is close to pulling the trigger on the T-Mobile model. He finds the edge display compelling for several reasons.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I posted my review of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge at the end of November. I was then sent a T-Mobile version so I could use it as my daily driver with my own T-Mobile account. After more than a month of daily usage, I'm further convinced the Note Edge deserves my high 9.5/10 rating and it is a device I am seriously considering for myself.

Smartphone manufacturers sometimes release devices with features or design elements that make little sense, but in this case I regularly found the side display on the Edge to have practical usage. Combined with top notch specifications and hardware design, the Note Edge is one of the top Android devices available today.

I am thoroughly enjoying the secondary edge display and here's five ways I use it every day:

  1. Bedside clock: I use my phones as my alarm clock and it is great to set the Note Edge down on the nightstand and see the clock panel appear on the edge screen.
  2. Music controller: I stream a lot of music on my devices during my daily two hour train commute and like that I can control the music on the edge display while working with other apps on the main display.
  3. Notification manager: It is very easy to triage notifications and calls right on the edge display and I am growing to prefer it over the top notification area.
  4. Camera controller: I like having the camera controls appear on the edge display and find tapping the camera capture button more convenient up at the top. I like having the viewfind uncluttered and the edge display helps.
  5. Application launcher: It is useful and more efficient to launch apps from the edge panel while using other apps. I have my key favorites on the edge panel, some in folders too.

Here's my top 10 reasons the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is worth consideration(in no particular order):

  1. Edge display: I listed five ways I use the secondary edge display and as an engineer I think it is an interesting innovation in smartphone technology.
  2. Gorgeous Super AMOLED display: I am fine with 1080p displays, but have to admit the quad HD display on the Note Edge is absolutely gorgeous. Movies look fantastic and I love the way the colors pop.
  3. Excellent camera and camera software: In my daily real-life testing, I like the photos captured with the Note Edge better than any other phone I have tested, including my iPhone 6 Plus. The high resolution front-facing camera and ability for wide selfies is also fun to capture myself with friends.
  4. Removable battery: I am getting a full day with the Note Edge, even with the quad HD display. However, having a removable battery is convenient and ensures the phone will last you a couple of years since you can always buy a new battery to keep it going.
  5. High internal specs: The 3GB of RAM, 32GB internal storage, number and type of wireless radios, and fast Snapdragon 805 processor perform well and are at the top of the Android market.
  6. S Pen functionality: Samsung keeps improving the capability of the S Pen and once you start using it on a daily basis you realize it can be a powerful function.
  7. Metal frame, fit, and finish: I was thrilled when Samsung added a metal frame to the Note 4 and love that this same design feature is present on the Note Edge. The chamfered edge, curved glass, faux leather back panel, and professional looks make the device stand out as a high quality smartphone.
  8. Phone call quality and software: The failure of the Z3 to perform with VoLTE and speakerphone calls gave me a new appreciation for high quality call performance. Everyone says I sound crystal clear on the Note Edge and they do as well. The phone app is powerful with an easy way to view an extensive call and messaging log for your contacts, making this a business users valuable tool.
  9. microSD memory card support: 32GB of internal storage is great, but having support for up to 128GB on a microSD card are essential when you are using your phone to capture videos and photos.
  10. IR port for TV control: I have a Samsung Smart TV and continue to enjoy controlling it with the Note Edge. The Note Edge is a more pleasing remote than the one included with my TV.

I have owned Note devices in the past, but was never fully satisfied with the device. After more than a month of daily usage, I have yet to find anything I don't like about the Note Edge. The unique form factor continues to be a conversation starter and I have never had as many second looks and questions about my phone as I have with the Note Edge.

I will wait to see what is announced at MWC in early March and if nothing more compelling is revealed, I may be swinging by T-Mobile to pick up my own Note Edge.

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