One month with the Sony Xperia Z3: 10 reasons it's my favorite Android smartphone

The Sony Xperia Z3 has been in Matthew's pocket for over a month and continues to impress him on a daily basis.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

It's now been over a month since I bought my Sony Xperia Z3 and it continues to serve as my primary phone on T-Mobile.

The fantastic Sony SmartWatch 3 helps make my mobile experience complete, but there are also several reasons the Z3 remains my favorite Android device.

Here's my top 10 reasons the Z3 is my current top phone, not in any particular order:

  • Audio experience: While the front facing stereo speakers are good, the support for active noise cancelling earbuds is awesome for my daily train commute and flights.
  • Big screen in manageable size: The Z3 has a 5.2 inch display, but easily slips into my front pants pocket. It's about the perfect size for a big screen smartphone.
  • Double tap to wake: While I like having the typical Sony side power button, I rarely use it thanks to support for double tapping on the display.
  • Indicator light: It is very convient to look over and see your phone's charging status or a missing notification's presence.
  • Premium fit and finish: The Z3 is well designed with glass and metal construction that screams quality.
  • Physical camera shutter button: It's tough for me to go back to using a phone where I can't press and hold a button to launch the camera.
  • Waterproof construction: I've been running in the rain with my Z3 without worry and it continues to bring peace of mind in the winter weather.
  • Internal specs: The 3GB of RAM, 32GB internal storage, microSD card slot, and fast Snapdragon 801 processor perform well and give me confidence in the Z3's ability to last me for a long time.
  • Camera performance: I have been taking quite a few photos and the Z3 hasn't yet let me down. I like the advanced functions available in the software too.
  • Magnetic wireless charging: I would love to see Qi charging, but the ability to set the Z3 in a dock or use a special magnetic cable are also great ways to charge without pulling open the microUSB cover.

As you can see, the Sony Xperia Z3 is nearly the perfect smartphone for me and I think it will be with me for quite some time. Because of this, I have purchased two wireless charging docks (one for home and one for work), a couple of cases, and a glass screen protector.

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