oneforty launches online storefront for booming Twitter app market

It's been billed as "Twitter's missing app store" and that's the most accurate description I've heard.
Written by Jennifer Leggio, Contributor

it's been billed as "Twitter's missing app store" and that's the most accurate description I've heard. Launching today at 140 | Twitter Conference is the long-awaited oneforty. Founded by Laura Fitton, owner of Pistachio Consulting and author of "Twitter for Dummies," the oneforty portal aims to provide what's been missing from the social network landscape for too long -- a sensible, organized approach to finding the best Twitter applications.

"The market for Twitter apps is exploding even though it lacks a marketplace. But that makes it very hard for developers to get their work found and build a true business," Fitton said. "Serious business tools - and there are many - are a no-brainer. They save companies money. But kind of offbeat, goofy stuff that's thrived in the appstore, there's been no place to support those in Twitter. I think we're going to see even more innovation once it becomes easy to sell novelties for a buck or two."

Users can easily check out the most popular applications and sort through applications. The site makes recommendations of essential applications. Application developers can even secure featured spots, as shown below on the screenshot provided by oneforty:

The applications -- of which oneforty claims to host more than 1,300 -- are listed and tagged by type (i.e. analytics, business, financial, games) and include descriptions, links, live commentary and screen shots. Applications each also have a star rating based on user feedback and reviews. Connecting to oneforty is easy as it is directly authorized through Twitter. Application developers can go into oneforty and "claim" their apps, and monitor reviews, take donation payments, and so on, and also see how many people are using their applications.

Users can go in and pick which applications they are using and write reviews on those applications. They can either use the tag or the search option to determine which applications fit their interests. I was fortunate enough to be among the earlier users of oneforty and had a chance to review and rate all of the applications I either use or try -- roughly 15. I was actually surprised to realize how many applications I currently use to manage my Twitter experience, thus further proving the need for such a service. A screen shot to my personal profile:

If you're a Twitter application developer you should immediately go in and claim your application. If you're a user, share this site with your friends so they can find new Twitter apps and provide a service to other users by contributing feedback.

"The Twitter community needs an open, thriving marketplace to support innovation because developers need a thriving marketplace to support innovation," Fitton added.

Questions about oneforty? Fitton will join me and co-host Aaron Strout on tomorrow's Quick'n'Dirty Podcast to talk about the new venture and answer questions. Join us!

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