OnePlus updates OnePlus Pro 7, improves camera

OnePlus received a bevy of complaints about its OnePlus Pro 7 camera at launch, but a software update appears to have resolved some of them.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

OnePlus has updated its camera software following complaints about photo quality. Early indications are that the software update to the OxygenOS did improve the camera.

My review unit of the OnePlus Pro 7 is focused on the device as a productivity tool under a bring your own model, but let's get real: If a smartphone's camera isn't up to snuff there's little chance that you'd bring it for work purposes. The device launched May 14. 

The good news is that the OnePlus Pro 7 patch appears to have worked well. In the release notes, OnePlus noted that the latest release of the OxygenOS addresses HDR, low light image quality, white balance and focus. The software update markedly improved the camera.


Here's a shot from Friday that illustrates HDR and focus issues. Note how the crane has a halo/ghost sort of effect and is out of focus.


OnePlus Pro 7 picture before the software update. 

Larry Dignan

Following the software update the camera performed better in low light and offered sharper pictures. The color wasn't as bright on the OnePlus Pro 7 relative to my personal phone. I compared the OnePlus Pro 7 with my personal Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which is a few updates behind now. The OnePlus delivered a sharper image, but the color was whitewashed in some cases.

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  • Here are a few comparison shots of a flower. The first one is taken with the OnePlus Pro 7 and the second the Note 8.


    OnePlus Pro 7 picture of flower.

    Larry Dignan

    And the same flower with an older generation camera.

    Larry Dignan

    Here are comparisons of a dock. The OnePlus (the first one is sharper, but lacks the color of the Note 8 (the second image).

    Larry Dignan

    And the Note 8 shot. 


    Same image of dock shot by Galaxy Note 8. 

    Larry Dignan

    Nightscape on the OnePlus was also improved. Here's a boat without nightscape followed by with it.


    Boat without Nightscape. 

    Larry Dignan

    Same image with Nightscape. 

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    OnePlus' take on the boat using low-light Nightscape feature. 

    Larry Dignan

    In the end, camera images are often in the eye of the beholder. The good news for OnePlus Pro 7 early adopters is that the company was able to fix a rocky camera launch with a software update. It's worth watching whether OnePlus can continually improve. 

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