OnForce: IT pros care more about device satisfaction than wireless provider

A new report from OnForce asserts that mobile phone satisfaction among IT professionals is driven by the device itself over the wireless provider.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

OnForce has released a new report about mobile phone satisfaction, which essentially argues that IT service professionals are more concerned with the devices themselves rather than the wireless provider selling them.

While AT&T and Verizon are virtually tied in overall device satisfaction according to the report, further analysis shows that there are some stark differences in satisfaction levels when it comes to service from the providers themselves.

For example, only 35 percent of AT&T customers reported being "very satisfied" with the service compared to 58 percent for Verizon, 41 percent for T-Mobile and 35 percent for Sprint.

But beyond the carriers, OnForce posits that it all comes down to choosing between the iPhone and Android smartphones.

iPhone customers, in particular, were substantially more satisfied in 10 of 11 functionality categories that OnForce surveyed, regardless of carrier. Android only scored better in one category, which happens to be one that Google is especially known for leading: maps and directions.

OnForce asserts that the iPhone is still the most popular smartphone with IT service professionals, owning approximately 35 percent of the market. But Samsung is not to be neglected as it is gaining market share at 20 percent right now.

This comes after the news that the Samsung Galaxy III upset the iPhone 4S with U.S. consumers as the top-selling smartphone domestically in August.

But it's worth pointing out that OnForce cited that Samsung has many more devices on the market than any other manufacturer, while Apple only has a few different iPhones available.

Looking forward, OnForce analysts project that both Apple and Samsung will gain slight increases in market share, rising to 38 and 23 percent, respectively.

While OnForce didn't provide a timeline for that increase, the IT outsourcing company acknowledged Samsung could be hampered by the recent patent infringement ruling in its legal battle with Apple in a U.S. federal court last month.

For reference, OnForce surveyed its network of independent technicians for this report, which included responses from nearly 900 participants.

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