Opera One now allows you to do even more with AI

The Opera browser continues to innovate around AI technology. With the latest release, you'll find new tools to make using the built-in Aria AI feature even easier.
Written by Jack Wallen, Contributing Writer
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The team behind Opera understands that users want to be able to work (and play) efficiently. In the modern area of burgeoning AI, this means users want to be able to work with features like Aria and integrate them more and more into their daily lives.

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According to Joanna Czajka, product director at Opera, "This year, we redesigned our browser to make Opera users' interaction with AI better. With this release, we are improving their experience in places where it matters the most: Queries and content creation." She adds, "What people want is to create the content they need or get the best possible query results as fast, as accurately, and with as little effort as possible. With this update, we are making that happen."

The new Refiner tool

To that end, the Opera team has added a couple of new features that will go a long way to simplifying your Aria AI interactions. 

The first new feature is called Refiner. This tool helps Aria refine part of an answer it returns. If you're not satisfied with a response, you only need to select the part of the response you're unhappy with and then click Rephrase. 

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Aria will then keep repeating the answer to your prompt, reworking the selection you made (while keeping everything else the same).

Easier composing

The improved Compose feature allows you to refine your prompts with handy graphical elements. With this tool, you can configure the following:

  • Tasks: Select the type of content you want to write (such as a blog post, email, essay, presentation, and more)
  • Description: Allows you to provide a topic and a bit more context
  • Tone: Allows you to select from formal, informal, neutral, academic, business, or funny
  • My Style: Allows you to refine your style
  • Length: Allows you to select from short, medium, or long

The My Style feature should be appealing to many users. It uses AI to train on your style of writing and will ask you to write the following:

  • A formal letter of complaint
  • A product review
  • A casual text message

Once you've done this, Aria will train on your style and will then be better capable of outputting content in sync with your personal style of writing.

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As of writing this, I've yet to see the Refiner tool show up in either Linux or MacOS versions of Opera (I'm running version 103.0.4928.26 on both). However, the prompt refining and My Style features are already available. 

Download Opera for your platform of choice here.

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